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Your Next Business? Delivering Legal Cannabis

Places to go; bud to deliver.

Have you been thinking about starting a business, bringing joy to ladies and gents and spreading cheer wherever you go?

You must be thinking of cannabis delivery, legal in Oregon, Nevada, and California.

Well, good news! Here’s the perfect domain name to tell people what you do without bashing them over the head with obvious stick.

Leaf = cannabis

Runner = delivery

A Business People Will Love

We’ve all been to the dispensary with three budtenders and 80 people crammed into the waiting area with the unhappy guard/license checker. Everyone wants to pay a little extra for the privilege of not ever, ever having to deal with that ever again.

But you already know that–that’s why you’re starting up your own delivery business.

You leaf runner, you.

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What Happens Next?

Once you click the “buy now” button above, you’ll be taken to Escrow.com. Escrow.com is the industry-standard in facilitating domain purchases. They are in impartial third-party that makes sure a transaction goes smoothly, and everyone gets what they’re due.

First, you’ll make a deposit to Escrow.com.

After the money clears your account and they confirm it’s available for transfer, they’ll notify us and we’ll push the domain name(s) to your account.

Finally, you’ll confirm that you have received ownership of the domain names, and Escrow.com will release the funds to our bank.

Easy peasy.

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