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A Collection of Kief Domains. Includes:


Start Your Own Media Company

A strong, one-word .net domain name built on a very recognizable keyword.

Gain instant credibility with one of the most well-known cannabis-related concepts.

Build a powerful site with an easily identifiable brand. Create your own media company, complete with a valuable one-word .net, two brandable short domain names, and a fourth URL to use however you see fit–a parent company, a content business, whatever you want!

When you take ownership of these domains, you’ll also be able to takeover the twitter account @kiefmedia (which, in accordance with Twitter’s terms of service, is not for sale, but is tied with an email address).

Worried about someone coming along and building a to try and unseat your site?

Unlikely! (and have been owned by a fellow named Timothy Kief since the internet began! You’ll be the only cannabis-related-Kief domain in town.

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Once you click the “buy now” button above, you’ll be taken to is the industry-standard in facilitating domain purchases. They are in impartial third-party that makes sure a transaction goes smoothly, and everyone gets what they’re due.

First, you’ll make a deposit to

After the money clears your account and they confirm it’s available for transfer, they’ll notify us and we’ll push the domain name(s) to your account.

Finally, you’ll confirm that you have received ownership of the domain names, and will release the funds to our bank.

Easy peasy.

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