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This is the first in a series of interviews called Behind the Brand, where we’ll talk to business leaders in the cannabis/CBD industry to learn how they arrived at their brand name, how they obtained the matching domain name, and their advice for other companies who are just starting out.

The first interview profiles the CBD company

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Todd Smith, and I am the Chief Partnership Officer at Joy Organics.

How did you arrive at using the name JoyOrganics as the name of the business?

We considered hundreds of possible names. We wanted a name that:

  • was easy to spell
  • was easy to remember
  • had an intuitive meaning (health)
  • that did not contain more than two words
  • we could build a top brand around
  • contained the .com–we would not consider a secondary extension

At what point in the process of starting your business did you purchase the domain?

We bought the name before starting, because the last thing we wanted to do was rebrand our company at some future point.

How much did you buy for?

We bought for $7500. We also bought for $6500.

Why was this domain worth what you paid, to you/your company? 

Spending $7500 on this domain name was one of the best decisions we made in starting Joy Organics. We wanted a name that gave us credibility and this name has given us much more value than we spent on it.

Finally, any advice to other CBD/Cannabis companies getting started and looking to name their company or buy a domain?

Don’t be penny conscious and dollar foolish. If you are serious about being a long-term player in the industry, then get a great URL. It is highly unlikely that you will find a credible name that is available (to register) with a .com extension on or any other registrar. You will need to buy it in the secondary market. And remember, the price is negotiable.

Thanks for your time, Todd! Where can visitors go to see more about your company and the products you sell?

We offer educational videos for those who are starting their own CBD business on the Joy Organics Partnership YouTube Channel. We also offer private label services for those wanting to launch their own brand of CBD products and we offer our Joy Organics CBD products at wholesale for those who want to represent the Joy Organics brand.

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