CBDMedia.com is For Sale


The Best Media Company in the Best Niche Ever

You: the modern-day equivalent of the people selling picks and shovels to all the gold rush hopefuls.

Me: the guy selling you the pick and shovel business. Kind of.

Look if you want to be THE absolute authority when it comes to providing services to CBD businesses, you’re never gonna get there with a domain like BradsCBDServices.com (sorry, Brad).

Instead, you’ll want something short, authoritative, and straight to the point.


You want to start a company the teaches people about the wonder of CBD, from what is ISN’T (looking at you, THC) to how to buy it (helloooo affiliate income.

There’s actually a lot of different things you could do with this name–all of them good ideas, and ALL of them much more difficult without such a good name.


If you’re ready to buy, click the button below to be taken to Escrow.com to safely and securely purchase this domain name. Seriously. If someone else beat you to it, how bad would your day be?

Not quite ready to pull the trigger?

Send me a message and let’s chat. Or send me your best offer. Whatever you want, I’m not your supervisor…

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