CBD.to is For Sale


A Short, Memorable CBD Domain

Put this domain to work! There are only so many reasonable 3-letter-CBD domain names it’s possible to own (and nobody wants CBD.org.ru). Let’s be honest, here–you don’t have the budget for CBD.com/.org/.net, and anyway, those domains are very much not for sale.

What’s a CBD brand .to do? (get it?!!)

This .to domain name is one of your last chances to get your hands on a 3-letter-CBD domain.

Fun fact! CBD.co recently sold for $50,000, and will become a wholesale marketplace.

How Could You Use This Domain?

Let me count the ways, Elizabeth Barrett Browning!

Use it as the easy-to-spell brand of your new CBD company

Use it as a ridiculously memorable marketplace

Start a CBD oil referral program for all the big CBD brands AND MAKE A STUPID AMOUNT OF MONEY

Set up the cannabis equivalent of a bit.ly link shortener and charge everyone to use it.

The possibilities? They areĀ literally endless.

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